• Health and Safety

    last updated October 29th 2021

We have taking strenuous steps and worked closely with ProAktive Health and Safety advisors to ensure we have applied every measure in being a clean, hygienic and COVID-19 compliant place.

We pride ourselves in high standards of cleanliess and also ensuring that our staff are trained fully in dealing with health and safety.

Some of the steps we have undertaken for your peace of mind would be

  • Slot Bookings (to ensure regulated and safe flow of meeting our venue capacity)
  • Social Distancing Markings
  • Health & Safety Posters / Guidance
  • Our Staff are First Aid Trained & DBS Checked
  • Hand Sanitising Points
  • First Aid Kits at several points throughout the venue
  • Barriers and fully monitored reception to ensure safety of the venue, with every visitor accounted for
  • Persistent cleaning throughout our opening hours by dedicated cleaners
  • Deep Cleaning every day at 2pm - 3pm (Venue is closed), as well as Deep Cleaning after-hours

Social Distancing

In line with Government guidelines, we have reduced visitor numbers to provide an enjoyable, socially distanced visit to KIDZ#1. Please observe social distancing whilst queuing to enter the site, at the food hall, the toilets or other areas.

Please encourage your children to observe the social distancing guidelines while in the playframe and around the building. We recommend that one adult supervises children in their group on the play equipment to ensure that children adhere to safety signs and practice social distancing.

Please help by placing your rubbish in the bins provided.  We ask that customers vacate the building promptly at the end of their session to allow us to clean and sanitise thoroughly for incoming customers.

Face Coverings and Hygiene

In line with UK Government guidelines, customers aged 11 and above must wear a face covering on entry and throughout your visit to KIDZ#1. Exceptions are when you are sitting while eating or drinking or are exempt in line with Government guidance.

Hand sanitising stations are available around our sites. Hands must be sanitised on entry and exit, and before and after entering the playframes and play areas. Please help children to do so.