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An Introduction to Music/Sensory Classes For Babies and Parents

Baby Class: 0-11 Months

  •  Introduction to music for Babies
  • Clicking, clapping, stamping, using our voices to create sounds
  • Songs/nursery rhymes
  • Movements and sounds
  • Instrumentl play : tambourines, egg shakers, rain shakers and small drums

An Introduction to Instruments and Singing (Nursery Rhymes/Disney Songs)

Early years Class: 1-4 Yrs

  • Sounds of instruments e.g drums, guitar, piano, string instruments and woodwind.
  • Learning how to play some basic instruments
  • Basics of singing and using these skills in group songs (nursery Rhymes or looking at fun Disney songs).
  • Importance of warming up our voices using fun exercises

An Introduction to Group and Solo Singing & the use of Instruments in Music

Kids Class 1: 5-8 Yrs

  • Importance of warming up ours voices e.g scales, toungue twisters
  • Singing games - brand new, popular songs (current pop songs or Disney songs)
  • Character voices, learning about Belt and Head voice and finally building on our confidence to sing solos!
  • Movement and characterisation to perform as a class.
  • Layering of music
  • Singing to create an overallpiece of spectacular music
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