Kidz#1 provides chess lessons for children of all ages, as well as chess clubs and tournaments taught by the finest teachers!

Meet the teacher

  • Mr Sainbayar

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  • Anuurai

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Days Time Description
Every Monday 4pm - 5pm Beginners 5-12 year olds
Every Monday 5pm - 6pm Intermediate - Advanced / 5-12 year olds
Every Wednesday 4pm - 5pm Beginners 5-12 year olds
Every Wednesday 5pm - 6pm Intermediate - Advanced / 5-12 year olds
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Introduction to Chess


  • Introduction of chess history / Chess Terminology
  • How the pieces move
  • How to win: Checkmate
  • Opening Principles & Basic Opening rules
  • Notation - How to record your Chess moves
  • Introduction to Tactics
  • Endgame Technique

Upgrading to the next level


  • Junior's Openings
  • Understanding Positional Play
  • Using Tactical Ideas
  • Checkmate Patterns
  • Introduction to current chess scene / competitive play

Becoming super duper unstoppable


  • Refining personal Opening Repertoire
  • Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Advanced Endgame Techniques
  • Further study: History of Chess
We have a cafeteria within our facilities - fresh-on-the-day pastries and delicious coffee and ice creams. So do come on in and enjoy the atmosphere of Chess, snacks and more!