• Birthday Frequently Asked

    last updated March 21st 2024


  • How can I book?
    You can book your party using our online booking system (https://kidz1.com/events-and-birthday-parties). If you find any issue, please, contact our Events team (events@kidznumberone.co.uk) and they will guide you through the booking process.
  • How soon should I book?
    In order to be able to cater to all your needs, we recommend that you book at least 7 days in advance. You can book your party today by going to https://kidz1.com/events-and-birthday-parties
  • Can I have my party at any time?
    We have set slots that you can choose from at the time of booking. Our availability is limited in each slot, so we advise that you book as far in advance as possible if you would like to get a specific time slot.


  • Is the birthday child/children included in the count of children?
    Yes, the birthday child is included in the count.
  • Which children are included in the count?
    Any children that will have space in the party room and get a party menu is counted as part of the guest list, regardless of age (0 to 12).
  • Do I have to pay for siblings?
    Parents can choose to buy a day pass for accompanying siblings and enjoy our 20% sibling discount. With the pass, the children will be able to enjoy 2 hours of play.
    However, please, keep in mind that children with a day pass will not have a seat or menu in the party room. In this regard, we highly recommended including all children who will come to the party on the guest list to avoid disappointments.
  • What if the party children and parents forgot socks?
    Socks are required in any of our soft play areas and in our sports arena. If anyone in your party forgets their socks, they can buy a pair at the main desk for £1.
  • Do adults need to attend the parties?
    Yes, adults need to be present at the party as children remain their responsibility.
  • Do adults pay an admission fee?
    Birthday child is permitted to bring 2 adults, while other children are limited to one adult per child. The venue allows a maximum of 5 additional adults per party, with each additional adult required to pay £20 for entry.
  • Where should I meet my party?
    To avoid congestion at the reception, your party host will guide your guests to the party base as they arrive. You do not need to worry about gathering your guests before coming inside. 
  • Do I get a refund if children do not attend on the day?
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refund for missing children on the day. However, if you have booked extra activities for them (i.e. VR or 7D cinema), the credits will be allocated to the birthday child to use during the party or a future visit.


  • What will be the duration of my party?
    The duration of your party will be 2 hours, which includes 45 minutes in the party room for the children's food and the cake.
  • Can we extend the time in the party room?
    Unfortunately, since we have to get the party room ready for the next booking, we cannot extend your time in the party room. 
  • Can we extend the playtime for my party?
    Yes, you can extend your time in our soft play!
    Every 30 minutes extra are just £5 per child. If you would like to extend your party time, please, consult with our event team (events@kidznumberone.co.uk) on how that would change your party structure, since the placement extension will depend on our opening schedule.
  • How early should we arrive for our party?
    We recommend arriving around 10 minutes earlier to check all your party in and enjoy your celebration time to the fullest.
  • What if I arrive late?
    Unfortunately, if you arrive late for your party, we will not be able to delay your party timeline, as it would overlap with other bookings. However, you can opt to extend your playtime for a fee if you wish to stay longer.
  • Where can we park?
    Q-Park Dickens Yard parking is located underneath the new Dickens Yard development. The car park entry/exit doors are located directly across KIDZ#1.
  • What can I expect from my party host?
    Your party host will be the person ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the party day! They will take care of the main events of your party so that you can also enjoy the party with no stress.The party host is to come to the reception to welcome party guests for the first 10 minutes.
    They will help check all your guests in and guide you to your reserved party base.
    They will then help you throughout the party, guiding your guests through all the planned activities and ensuring that important events such as food or cake take place at the right time.
    Your party host will also be in charge of cutting and plating the cake. That way, you will just have to worry about enjoying that yummy sponge! 
  • How do I get my birthday invites and thank you letters?
    You will receive this via email from one of our team members.
  • Can I leave my bags, coats and presents anywhere?
    We ask you to keep any belongings at your party base during the party. If you prefer, you can hire our lockers to stores bags and coats for just £1.



  • Is food included in the party packages?
    Yes, food for children is included in all our packages! Every child will be served a set menu in the party room. You can select your choice of menu at the time of booking. Everyone can get the same menu option or you can select different options for different children, it is your choice!
  • Can I order extra food for the children?
    Of course! In our experience, the portions we offer are measured to ensure happy kids and minimise food waste. However, you can order extra food from our menu in advance and we will make sure to serve it at the same time as the party menus.
  • Do you provide food for adults?
    Yes, we do! You can choose any option from our Kidz#1 menu and it will be served to your table.
    You will be able to pre-order some food for the adults at the time of booking, this way, your order will be prioritized when you arrive. But, if you are not sure about what you want, don't worry, you will be able to order more food and drinks on the day!
    Please, keep in mind that food for adults needs to be ordered as soon as possible so it can be served before the children's food time.
  • Can we bring outside food?
    As we offer a wide selection of food and drinks from our Kidz#1 menu, we do not allow food or drinks from outside into our venue. Please, consult with our team for dietary exceptions before entering the venue.
  • Do you cater to dietary restrictions?
    Yes, we have Halal, Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options on our menu. You will be asked about allergies and dietary restrictions during your booking process.
     If you have any special requirements, please, discuss them with our team and we will try our best to cater to your needs.  We will make our best effort so no child feels excluded!


  • Can I bring my own birthday cake?
    Yes, you can choose to bring your own cake! 
    However, please note that:
  1. As your party host will be in charge of cutting and plating the cake, outside cakes are subjected to a small service fee of £1 per child (with a minimum of £10).
  2. Due to health and safety regulations, we are not able to store, refrigerate or take early delivery of birthday cakes.

Decoration and entertainment

  • Can I add a VR/7D cinema pass for my party?
    Yes, of course! Our VR area is recommended for children over 3 years old and it is especially popular among children over 5 years old. 
    You can add one or more passes in our VR or 7D cinema for just £5 per child and ride.
    We strongly recommend that you book your VR/7D cinema experience in advance, so we can plan your party time accordingly. 
    Any token that is left unused during the party will be saved as credit for your child to use in a future visit.
  • Can I bring my own party bags?
    Yes, you can bring your own party bags. Please, keep in mind that they must be stored at your party base until we can grant you access to the party room.
  • Can I hang banners and other decorations in the party room?
    In order to preserve the integrity of the room, nothing can be attached to the walls.
  • Can I bring my own balloons?
    You can add extra foil balloons to the provided decoration if you wish, as long as they are not attached to the walls. Please, remember that balloons are not allowed into the soft play, as they pose a hazard if they explode or get tangled.
  • Can I bring my own music?
    Yes! We are happy to provide you with our party playlist, but you can also bring your own. You can pair your device to our music system in the party room. Your party host your assist you if you in the process. Please, due to the character of our venue, keep in mind that inappropriate songs for children will not be accepted.

  • Can I choose a theme for my party?
    At the moment, we are unable to cater to bespoke themes as part of our party packages. However, you can add your own themed decoration to the party room if you wish (as long as it doesn't need to be attached to the walls).
    If you wish to explore a completely bespoke option, please, get in touch with our events team (events@kidznumberone.co.uk) to discuss our full venue hire option.
  • Can I bring my own entertainer?
    Due to our party structure, we are unable to accommodate external entertainment in our party timeline. You can add a visit from Foxy (our mascot) to your party instead!
    We can allow entertainers (DBS-checked and insured) if you choose our venue hire option.
  • What is the program for Foxy?
    If you decide to add a Foxy visit to your party, he will do a 15 minutes appearance around your cake time.
    Foxy will come out once you are ready to sing "Happy Birthday", animating the sweetest moment of the whole party and posing for pictures with the party family and guests.
    Foxy will even dance to some tunes with the children to create magical and fun memories with your child and their friends!